Free Standing Fire Data Safes

This section of Safes have been grouped together as they offer both security and fire protection. Using a multitude of locking options all are suited to domestic and small business applications.

Cash Rating: €2,250 – €3,000.

Free Standing Cash Safes

Safes in this section are best suited to the small business or domestic application. The range allows the user to select a combination of cash rating and fire protection that best meets their needs. Please study the relevant detailed product literature to find a safe best suited to your specific application.

Cash Rating: €3,000 – €6,000.

Euro Grade

Using the latest technology and with close consultation with what is recognised as possibly the best independent test house in the world, these safes have been designed to perform under the toughest conditions. They will provide cover up to £1 million in protection for jewellery (grade 5) whilst due to their ultra modern appearance and lightweight construction allow integration into most environments.

Cash Rating: €9,000 – €150,000.

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