HKC App = Monitoring & UDL Made Easy

The HKC App delivers complete and seamless control to both installer and alarm user.

Designed and built by our in-house Research and Development team, the App offers a plug and play solution to installers.Using any of HKC’s three communications modules, an installation can be live and monitored in seconds. Simply connect the GSM/GPRS, WiFi Card or LAN Card to the panel, insert the site ID and connect to the SecureComm Cloud. The App is available on all smart phone operating platforms and delivers audible and text notifications.


User Functionality

  • App in Apple & Google Stores
  • Set & Unset
  • Push Notifications
  • Audible Notifications
  • Virtual Keypad
  • Control Outputs
  • Check System Status
  • Interrogate Log
  • Receive / request picture

SecureComm Cloud

  • Connect using GPRS / WiFi or LAN cards
  • Monitors Panel Connectivity
  • Reports Panels Events to App
  • Reports Loss of Comms
  • Installer Signup to Portal

SmartLink700 – UDL Tool

SmartLink700 is HKC’s upload download tool and gives the installer total control of each customer site. Connectivity is simple and quick using either GPRS, IP or standard phone line. With SmartLink700, sensors can be adjusted remotely avoiding unnecessary expense and it can also be used to carry out remote maintenance, saving time and improving margin.

Installer Functionality

  • Connect over the Internet to SmartLink700 UDL tool
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Program panels and peripherals
  • Interrogate the log