CROSS 30E – Strong and powerful, with a capacity up to 3000 Kg

Sliding gates require flexible automation, able to control various frame sizes, different transit rates and changing environmental situations, while always ensuring the very best conditions of operating safety, functionality and reliability.
It is invisible from the outside and provides movement without altering the style and image of the gate.

The Cross range caters for different private, commercial and industrial needs.

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Technical features

Manufacturing features

  • Ideal for intensive service
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Magnetic limit switch
  • System housed in a robust steel cabinet
  • Functional and large front removable cover for easy access to components
  • Built-in electronic control panel



Ditec NeoS 600 SF completes the Ditec NeoS range, automation for 300 Kg, 400 Kg, 600 Kg and 1000 Kg sliding gates with integrated control panel.

A complete product

Thanks to the new gear motor, the choice of more resistant and durable materials and the mechanical redesign of the gears it has been possible to guarantee a speed of up to 40 cm/s observing all the current standards.

COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND: sturdy, durable and reliable over time

  • single-block, die-cast aluminium base provides unmatched stability
  • special high-quality, self-levelling grease keeps screws and crowns constantly lubricated
  • the temperature sensor fine-tunes the gear motor’s performance in the event of cold, ice and snow (NIO – No Ice Option – function).


  • constant electronic monitoring of impact forces and immediate obstacle detection ensuring that the electromechanical actuator stops, or the motion is reversed (if configured) when obstacles are detected
  • precise adjustment of the position and speed at all times, allowing adjustment for acceleration, deceleration, start time, slowdown distance and approach speed during opening and closing
  • magnetic limit switches included
  • steel plates of different thickness and design allow for correct installation in all circumstances and levelling screws can be used to adjust the operating device to the millimetre
  • the self-learning procedure is made easy by the display, navigation pushbuttons for installation of the motor in just two steps.