FACIL – ARC – With Articulated Arm

The most appropriate words to describe Facil and Arc automations are ease of use and flexibility.

Irreversible electromechanical automations for swing gates, they are the ideal solution for heavy duty applications. Quiet and sturdy, they are easy to install and can be connected to any application, however complex, such as wings supported by very large or out-of-plumb pillars.

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For more information about the Ditec Facil products we stock please click here

Technical features

Aesthetically pleasing, versatile and easy to use. Facil is an electromechanical, irreversible automation for swing gates with wings up to 2.3 m wide. Quiet and sturdy, simple to install and connect, Facil is perfectly suited for any solution selected by the customer.

Facil has been designed with ease of fitting, installation and practicality in mind, and may be used with different types of motors.


Main features

  • The manual, key operated release system is located on the front of the unit to ensure easy access.
  • The ABS cover provides a good level of protection from the elements and features high quality trims. The simple and neat design makes the unit aesthetically suitable for any type of classical or modern gate.
  • In the a.c. version, the E2 electronic control panel, located inside the automation, can be removed to ensure easier access to the controls.