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WIRELESS ALARMS : Agility System

RISCO Group’s new Flexible Wireless Solution provides security, safety and home automation in a combination of sheer elegance and unrivalled simplicity.

Agility incorporates advanced 2-way wireless technology and offers the most flexible solution for the increasing residential and SOHO market, in which conventional intrusion panels are just not enough.

For video verification solutions, safety solutions, home automation solutions. All these, combined with the best security solutions available, is what Agility is all about.

Agility’s flexibility allows selecting any combination of communication modules - IP, GSM/GPRS and fast PSTN - all within the main enclosure. Agility’s flexibility enables selecting different operating options, including a unique 2-Way Remote Control with PIN code protection and a LED that displays the Agility status.

2-Way Wireless Technology provides the following benefits:

  • Higher communication security as each and every transmission is acknowledged
  • Less RF transmissions and reduced wireless congestion due to elimination of repetitive signaling
  • Remote Control and Diagnostics for remote setting and measurement of accessory parameters, reduces number of on-site maintenance visits
Agility wirelesss alarm system