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LUXO - Heavy Duty

The privilege of beauty.
Sturdy, durable and heavy duty

Smart and refined, Luxo was designed to be admired and desired.

Its modern and futurist look features soft and smooth lines and makes it suitable for any type of gate frame.

Being made of aluminium, it looks light and clean; this will ensure its long life, withstanding harsh weather, and is further enhanced by and additional polyester coating.
Every detail and shape has been carefully and passionately designed.

Technical features

The privilege of beauty. Sturdy and tireless, for heavy-duty use. Elegant and refined, Luxo has been designed to be admired and desired.

It features a modern, futuristic structure with a soft and fluid shape that well adapts to any type of frame.
It has been designed and sized for the sturdiest and most reliable DITEC mechanisms.

The aluminium from which it is made, gives it a lightweight and clean look that remains over the years even in unfavourable weather conditions thanks to the extra coat of polyester paint.

Each shape and every detail have been studied and designed carefully and passionately.
In the event of a power cut, the elegant door, easy to reach and open, houses the manual release mechanism for brilliantly overcoming power failure emergencies.

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