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Domestic Gates - Swing Gates

swing gates

Ideal for architecturally fine gates Cubic 6 is an underground automation for swing gates. Unobtrusive on its visible parts, the product allows the gate to open and close without interfering with its look and style.

This makes it the ideal solution for fine gates and entrances, such as those fitted to architecturally attractive or historically significant buildings, or for any application where style, look or elegance should be kept unaltered.

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swing gates

Arc is an electromechanical actuator for up to 5-metre single-leaf swing gates. Its articulated arm and leverage system ensure the perfect movement of the gate, making Arc the ideal solution in complex situations such as wings supported by massive or not parallel-to-a-plumb-line pillars.

Arc allows easy installation, either right or left, can move even very large wings, available also with 24V DC power supply, ensuring its high safety operation.

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swing gates

Sliding gates require flexible automation, able to control various frame sizes, different transit rates and changing environmental situations, while always ensuring the very best conditions of operating safety, functionality and reliability.
It is invisible from the outside and provides movement without altering the style and image of the gate.

The Cross range caters for different private, commercial and industrial needs.

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security gates : swing gates

The Luxo automation for swing gates has a refined design and sturdy structure.

The superior design and powder coated casing is resistant to any weather conditions.

A simple key release provide for uncoupling between motor and reduction gear and allows easy manual operation of the gate wings in the event of power failure.

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Industrial Gates

industrial gates

Upper Vehicle Barriers: the best solution for access control

Private areas, commercial or industrial companies often require access control to their car parking sites to allow entrance to duly authorized people only.

Nowadays, although technology offers a variety of control systems, barriers remain the simplest and most convenient solution to control parking access.

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